Do you know the difference between a safety check and planned maintenance?

06 October, 2021

We all know that Mechanical devices used regularly, such as your boiler or your car, require regular maintenance. If they are not serviced and maintained correctly, they can develop technical faults. The same applies to Security Systems. If your Security Systems are not working as expected, your premises could be left exposed to otherwise avoidable risks.Sometimes it’s difficult to decide on the right service and maintenance package for your business. Below we explore the difference between some of the service options we provide:


Planned Maintenance

We carry out maintenance in line with the original equipment manufacturers recommendations. This is critical to safety and will increase the life, value and performance of your automatic door system and includes a cost-effective programme of regular inspections and a prompt repair service when applicable to keep it SAFE.

  • One or more visits per annum subject to usage
  • Free Safety Check
  • Logbook Replacement
  • Reactive Calls chargeable or inclusive
  • Parts chargeable or inclusive


Professional Safety Inspection

This is a safety inspection and should not be confused with planned maintenance.

  • We carry out comprehensive safety checks on the operation of safety functions and devices
  • The results are recorded on an Authorised
  • Technician Check Sheet
  • We check safety sensors using a Field Test Body
  • We verify compliance with EN16005
  • We check for the avoidance of injuries by crushing, impact, shearing and drawing in
  • We check the operation of fail-safe systems e.g. breakout
  • We verify opening forces for manual use and breakout systems are within safe working limits and can therefore be used effectively in the event of an emergency
  • We verify impact forces for low energy systems are within safe working limits to reduce the severity of injury in the event of an impact


Reactive Call Outs

We provide our engineers with regular training to keep them up to date with current and future standards.

  • Real-time vehicle location tracking, for realistic response times
  • Emergency response times from 2 to 4 hours
  • 24/7 UK dedicated Helpdesk

For more information on the service and maintenance packages we can offer your business, please contact a member of our team today.

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