Benefits of Night Pay Hatches to Retail

23 August, 2021

Last month the House of Commons voted against a new clause to be added to the government’s policing bill to better protect retail workers from abuse and attacks, by making this a separate offence. This disappointing result comes as a shock after evidence of a huge increase in crime, thought to be a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.


This increase in crime has had a massive effect on Convenience Stores, with 89% of staff working in local shops having experienced some form of abuse, with over 1.2 million incidents recorded over the last year, according to the ACS 2021 crime report. The crimes committed against this sector have cost £142 million over the last year, as well as affected the physical and mental health of the staff involved.


Without the help of the government to prevent crimes against retail staff, stores have looked at how they can adapt their businesses to make them safer for staff. Night Pay Hatches are a low-cost solution that will protect staff in convenience stores and petrol forecourts when lone working or working late at night. They provide a simple and effective way to transfer goods from inside the store to a customer outside, and allow payments to be made.


NightPay Hatch

A NightPay Hatch ensures the protection of staff, allowing the continuation of trading at times of high risk. They include both a large bulk goods drawer and a sliding cash tray.

  • NightPay hatches fit into an aperture cut into the wall and counter surface
  • When not in use the bulk drawer locks into a closed position
  • Low cost solution
  • Able to withstand attack and vandalism, protecting staff


CashFast Night Pay Drawer

CashFast is a night pay hatch that is used to continue trading after hours or at times of high risk for the protection of staff. It includes both a large bulk goods drawer and a sliding cash tray with electronic speech transfer units to ensure good communication. A cost-effective and reliable solution that allows easy transfer of cash, credit cards and goods whilst maintaining essential security. The larger drawer enables easy passage of larger items without the need for a second tray.

  • When not in use the bulk drawer locks in the closed position
  • Full duplex electronic speech system ensures excellent communication from both sides
  • Stand-alone installation which does not require mounting within the counterwork
  • Can be ordered as supply only or supply and install


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