Safetell’s CounterShield Delivers a Better Patient Experience in A&E

inside a secure office

When a busy hospital in Sheffield decided to refurbish the A&E, they decided to do away with static security screens. The existing screens did not align with the guidance document issued by the Design Council, “Improving Patient Experience in A&E”, which highlighted the fact that traditional security screens can create feelings of stress or aggression in hospital visitors and hinder communication.


A visit to A&E can be a stressful experience for any patient and their family, while staff often face threats from hostile or disorientated visitors. The hospital needed to find a solution that would maintain the safety of their staff from patients who might display aggression while still adhering to the guidelines laid out in the Design Council document and ensuring that the reception area maintained an open, approachable appearance.


Safetell provided a solution in the form of CounterShield, an electrically operated security screen. This allowed the screen to be controlled by the staff, fully open, fully closed, or anywhere in between, providing a sense of security for staff while still maintaining a friendly and inviting feel.


The installation of the CounterShield in the A&E meant the hospital was able to maintain a safe and secure environment for the reception staff while still following the recommended guidelines outlined in the Design Council document. The A&E were able to offer a sense of personal security and well-being to their staff as well as a calming atmosphere for patients. Contact Safetell if you require any security solutions for your premises!

“By installing the CounterShield screens we have kept true to the initiatives described in the guidance document, whilst maintaining a safe and secure, workable environment for the reception staff.”

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