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High security performance walling and partitioning that blends into your existing area without sacrificing aesthetic.

Our unique walling products offer market-leading performance
high ballistic, blast, fire and manual attack resistance.

It’s incredibly easy to integrate and blend into most settings without affecting any existing aesthetic or decor. This high security and versatile product can be used in Panic rooms, Guard Houses, ATM Pods, Perimeter Walling and various other applications.

Our glazed partitioning can also be used as an unobtrusive high-security solution to protect against manual attack and ballistic in a range of settings including corporate offices.

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CityWall is a modular secure walling system designed by Safetell, which can be used in a wide range of applications, including ATM Rooms, Panic Rooms, Guard Houses, etc. CityWall is available in manual attack, bullet, and blast resistance levels.

Security Partitioning is glazed partitioning that can be used in government buildings, corporate offices, and commercial buildings. It comes in a range of resistance levels including manual attack and ballistic.