Security Doors to your resistance level

Security Doors can be developed bespoke for businesses and secure outlets to match any required security solutions, with tailored construction allowing for a wide variety of specifications, material, sizes, resistance levels and types, colours, branding, glazing, locking and access control support to match your organisational requirements.

Security Doors + Entry Points


Providing access to secure buildings in the form of Security Doors – constructed for manual attack, bullet and blast attack resistance – is integral to securing buildings both large and small, from open public accessibility in high street banks to highly-secured, access-controlled data centre entry.

Security Doors can be customised for businesses and secure outlets to match any required security solutions, with tailored customisation allowing for a wide variety of specifications, material, sizes, resistance levels and types, colours, branding, glazing, locking and access control support.

Security Doors can be installed either as part of a new secure build or retrofitted to an existing environment seeking to improve or replace its existing security solution with minimal adjustment. Security Doors are available with an option of Steel, Timber, Glass and Aluminum construction materials. Our ballistic resistant steel doors can be constructed with Panic Escape hardware and a high level of fire resistance to create Fire Exit Doors for businesses.

Security Doors aid accessibility to secure areas, assuring staff and protecting assets; while still maintaining the benefits of any existing security plan through the use of clear specifications and access paths. Along with Secure Walling, there is the opportunity to provide complete fortification and security against even the most catastrophic bullet and bomb attacks.


The Safetell Difference is being able to take a product and tailor it to your needs, providing a transparent project management experience; from first contact to the installation and support of your bespoke solution. Security Doors can be built to provide the security you desire, from a basic level of manual attack and fire resistance all the way to premium strengthened blast resistant doors.


Enquire today about our leasing and flexible payment options available to help provide cost-effective security solutions to suit an array of businesses.

Resistance Levels

Security Doors can be certified to a wide range of resistance levels with ratings available under the European Standard, allowing for Manual Attack Doors, Bullet Resistant Doors and Blast Resistant Doors to be constructed to your requirements.


Security Doors are frequently used in retail supermarkets, neighbourhood police stations, local government institutions, high street banks and retail outlets, as well as areas in need of high security such as data centres and head offices.

Solutions available

Steel Security Doors

Timber Security Doors

Glazed Security Doors

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Counter works + Service Desks

Security Doors provide a high level of protection, allowing for Bullet Resistant Doors to seamlessly integrate into a secure bullet resistant Counter and Service Desk solution. Counters and Desks can be designed to your specification to aid transaction of goods and services between staff and customers, offering resistance to the required level with a tailored solution that can harmoniously integrate with your corporate branding and working practices.

Security Windows and Glazing

Security Windows can be tailored to your protection requirements, offering a reinforced glass solution that shields staff from threats, mitigating the potential loss of assets. Security Windows can be built into your building fabric or integrated seamlessly into an existing counter installation, allowing for a bespoke solution to match the requirements of any organisation.

Airlock Filtering + Access

Airlocks and interlocking door filtering provides entrance security through state-of-the-art anti-tailgating controlled access, offering a secure-line solution that requires minimal management and reduces the risk of unauthorised entry to your business. In addition, Safetell is able to tailor secure, multi-door interlocks constructed of bespoke door and locking components allowing for custom Bullet Resistant and Blast Resistant Security Door interlocks designed to your specification.

Long-Lasting Security

Security Doors are constructed with high-quality materials to provide reliable, long-term protection.

Specification Checker

Security Doors are in-house tested and externally certified to provide resistance to the specifications required.

Installation + Delivery

Our dedicated project managers and security technicians help take the stress away with end-to-end service.

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