Enhance Protection with Security Doors

We are a leading designer, manufacturer, installer, and maintenance provider of Blast, Bullet-Resistant and Manual Attack Resistant Security Doors.

When designing a new corporate building, retrofitting an existing warehouse with greater security, or are simply interested in strengthening security in your business, Safetell offers a range of solutions to bolster your security. From physical security and cash management to access control/CCTV. Our range of in-house security specialists are dedicated to providing a security solution to your business at a budget you can afford.

Understanding the importance of security doors is a critical aspect of providing a comprehensive security solution. From the type of protection needed – Manual Attack, Bullet or Blast– to the need for access control, and whether it needs to be set-up for regular or limited access. We’re also able to work with you on the type of locks installed on a selection of our doors.

We also offer a range of partitioning solutions, whether it’s for eliminating weaknesses surrounding a door, reinforcing a building in need of additional security, or even building an enclosure from scratch. Most importantly, we offer a broad range of standard and customer built solutions designed to your corporate vernacular.

With enough time, power, and attack, even the most hardened and resistant materials can eventually slowly start to deteriorate. For this reason, all our doors are ‘Resistant’ against various levels of attack and we will never use the disingenuous terms such as ‘Bullet-Proof Doors’ and ‘Attack-Proof Doors.’

Blast Resistant – Designed to withstand intense blast attack

Bullet Resistant – Designed to withstand bullet attack

Manual Attack Resistant – Designed to withstand sustained attack and burglary attempts