Fire attack


Standards and Classifications.

Fire Resistance is rated slightly different to standard survivability testing of ballistic and blast. Fire Resistant products, such as Fire Doors and Secure Walling, can be designed to improve protection during fire escape as well as simply preventing the spread of fire.

For similar reasons as ‘Bullet Proof, the concept of something being ‘Fire Proof’ is impossible, as everything with enough heat and time can eventually be consumed if the heat becomes dangerous enough. For this reason, Fire Ratings are often given with time measurements.

Fire Resistance can be rated using the British Standard (BS 476: Part 22: 1987) or the European Standard (BS EN 1634-1 : 2008) and both are traditionally accepted. To facilitate the use of some new European fire test methods within the approval process, some certification will feature a ‘CE’ marking.

Resistance in action. 

LPCB Accredited Door Test

We went through the rigorous testing programme for our Stalwart Steel Door and are pleased to report that it achieved a LPCB LPS1175 SR4 issue 8 rating for manual attack. This means our product can now be found here listed on The Red Book alongside other security products which offer exceptional levels of security.

Re-enhanced Petrol Forecourt Door

Not only do we sell security doors, but we can also re-enhance any commercial doors to a higher security level, withstanding attack for a much longer period, depending on specification and project requirement.

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