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a speech transfer system

Speech Transfer Systems

✔ Speech transfer systems ensure both staff and public are equipped with a microphone and loudspeaker

✔ The staff side has a mute button to prevent staff speech from being transmitted

✔ Each system is supplied with its own power supply with a standard 3 pin plug, staff amplifier with volume adjustment, staff speaker microphone and an induction loop and sticker to accommodate hearing aid devices

✔ Both Safetell Bridgebar and Surface Mount Transfer systems are supplied with standard leads and connectors to provide plug-and-play systems

✔ Steel construction

✔ Surface mount or Bridgebar systems are available in either black or grey

Speech Transfer Systems

Speech transfer systems and window intercoms provide hands-free electronic two way speech transfer between public and staff who are separated by security glazing. It is available from stock in four combinations and can be retrofitted to existing counterwork or form part of new build projects. Typical applications include banks, train stations, government buildings and local authorities.



Government buildings

Train stations

High-end retail

Local authorities