Cash Drawer

Simplify your cash float with a Cash Drawer, designed for better security and management.


For seamless inclusion in a wide variety of businesses, such as council cash offices and retail outlets. Cash Drawers can be installed underneath the counters of most Service Desks to fit in, allowing for quick and easy access for staff members.

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Technical Information

Constructed from a rugged, heavy commercial metal, our Cash Drawers provide greater security and resilience than a traditional Cash Tray. Within the Drawer, the Cash Tray inserts can be customised to the bespoke needs of your business. The Drawers feature a key twist opened with a slam latch.

Construction Material

Steel and Timber builds are available


Height: 167mm

Width: 450mm

Depth: 510mm



Additional Notes

For those in need of a larger volume of storage, a ‘high volume’ version is available..


Solutions are available for government buildings, which often require a high-level of protection and policing. With a central location required, government buildings are frequent targets for criminal and terror attacks. Our solutions are able to provide protection for government buildings bespoke to individual needs and requirements.


Retail environments, such as high street shops, shopping malls, pawnbrokers retail outlet parks regularly require protection, especially those trading assets such as jewellery, technology and one-of-a-kind antiques.

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