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Bullet Resistant Voestalpine Framework

✔ Integral counter armour plating that is concealed and unobtrusive

✔ Screens and counters are available in single, double and three-tier versions for compliance with DDA regulations

✔ Can be manufactured to include a very wide range of sizes, materials and finishes obtaining the required corporate appearance

✔ A bespoke design process that allows for you to specify your counter and glazing every step of the way

✔ Typically includes electronic speech transfer

✔ Can be designed to incorporate Meridian Bulk Item Transfer Units

Bullet Resistant Voestalpine Framework

Working as a first defence against ballistic attack, the screen and counterwork are designed to provide a seamless line of ballistic protection from floor to ceiling.



Building Societies

Government Offices

Cash Offices

Any application where there is a serious risk of firearm attack or robbery.