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Self-Checkout Security Screens Make Shopping Seamless – and Safer

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Following a spate of distressing attacks on employees, a large national retailer approached Safetell requesting Fully Framed Security Screens across 150 of its sites. This led to the development of an innovative solution – Self-checkout Security Screens – which combines both staff service and customer self-checkout in one security system.


The challenge was to create a security system that would not only provide comprehensive protection for employees but also enhance store efficiency and customer satisfaction. The system needed to be flexible and agile to adapt to customer requests while also allowing easy access to cash and receipts for employees.


The Fully Framed Security Screens proved to be the perfect solution, providing expert design, project management, and installation services that allowed the company to execute projects from inception to installation within six weeks. The Self-checkout Security Screens were then developed in response to direct security requests from the company.

Self-checkout Security Screens can be manned by one staff member but can serve four customers at once, making the checkout process more efficient for customers. The lower-level hatch at the rear of each self-checkout station allows for easy access to cash and receipts for employees while ensuring the safety of the staff.


The outcome was a unique hybrid solution that not only provided comprehensive security but also enhanced store efficiency and customer satisfaction. The Self-checkout Security Screens were successful in improving store operations, reducing wait times for customers, and increasing staff safety.

The screens were particularly useful in new sites constructed in areas considered at risk while meeting the aesthetic requirements of brand-new stores. The flexibility and agility of the Fully Framed Security Screens allowed for quick adaptation and response to customer requests. Overall, this innovative solution proved to be a success for the retailer and its customers, proving that Safetell will adapt to any and all customer requirements. Contact Safetell if you require any security solutions for your premises!




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