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RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) is the largest community of blind and partially sighted people in the UK. As a leading sight loss charity, it was essential that their headquarters had the necessary security measures in place to protect their staff, visitors, and sensitive information.


RNIB required a secure access control solution for their multi-tenant building that would be accessible and easy to use for all, including those with low vision. Additionally, there was a need for high colour contrast on the gates to ensure that individuals with low vision could easily distinguish the entrance.


Safetell provided RNIB with two Round Cab Speed Gates integrated with third-party access control. The Speed Gates provide an aesthetically pleasing entrance control and anti-tailgating solution for any building or secure area. To ensure easy identification of the entrance, yellow highlighting was added to the black gates to provide high colour contrast for individuals with low vision.


The installation of Safetell’s Round Cab Speed Gates has provided RNIB with an effective and easy-to-use access control solution that ensures the safety and security of their headquarters. Additionally, the high colour contrast provided by the yellow highlighting has improved the accessibility of the entrance for individuals with low vision. Safetell’s solution has provided RNIB with peace of mind, knowing that their staff, visitors, and sensitive information are protected. Contact Safetell if you require any security solutions for your premesis!

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