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Safetell Strengthens Security Measures for Metropolitan Police

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The Metropolitan Police, the largest police force in the UK, has a crucial role in maintaining public safety and security. With hundreds of staff, visitors, criminals, and members of the public passing through its branches every day, the MET needs a versatile and high-standard approach to physical security and staff protection.

When a large MET branch in West London required a security upgrade that would create a high level of security while still maintaining a warm and accessible environment, they appointed Safetell as the security specialist for the project.


The branch wanted to create an environment that was more open-plan and less threatening than standard police stations while simultaneously enhancing access per the Equality Act 2010. However, as a highly-trafficked police station dealing with members of the public, including victims of crime and dangerous criminals, security was of the utmost importance. It was up to Safetell to implement safety solutions that would not compromise the accessibility of the space nor the safety and security of the staff and public.


Safetell created and installed a bespoke version of their moving security shield, CounterShield, an accessible interview room counter, security doors equipped with door automation and manual attack-resistant glazing that would enable officers to adjust the level of security in the building as required.


The dedicated interview room, constructed using Countershield and Swing Door Automation, allows users to enter the room and open the door with the push of a button. The interviewer is able to control the security level inside by raising or lowering the manual attack-resistant CounterShield and securely locking the door at will.

The flexibility of the security solution allows staff at the police station to create a more open and accessible police environment without negatively impacting or compromising the level of safety in the building.

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