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Chinese bank security office

For independent banks, having a global presence is crucial to their success. However, creating branches that embody the brand values of the larger organisation while catering to the specific needs of each location can be a challenging task. One such example is the flagship branch of an independent Asian Bank located in the heart of the Chinese Community in Central London.


Crime posed a growing threat to the bank, and finding an effective security solution was incredibly important. The Asian Bank needed a solution that would provide robust protection while still preserving the best features of open-counter trading and providing a welcoming atmosphere to customers. 


To meet the needs of the Asian Bank, Safetell installed a suite of custom security products, including ballistic-resistant counterworks, switchable ballistic security screens, Staffline doors, and walls. A unique feature of this project was the use of MKII ballistic-resistant switchable glass, which allows for private working or open trading with the touch of a button. 

The glass solution can transform a clear cashier window into an opaque glazing window when not in use, providing customers with the impression that the bank is working at full capacity without obviously “Closed positions”. Safetell also installed cash management products to improve the speed of service, including timber till pedestals, cupboards and a Meridian Transfer Unit installed.


Safetell worked closely with the bank to create a security solution that met their exacting requirements while seamlessly integrating with their existing corporate branding. The result was a secure and efficient banking hall that provided bullet resistance while minimizing disruption to normal operations. Through Safetell’s collaborative and expert approach, the bank was able to meet its safety requirements and provide the best possible customer experience to its clients at the same time. Contact Safetell if you require any security solutions for your premises!

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