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Physical Protection For a Digital World

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In a digital world driven by data, the growth of the data centre market is rapidly increasing. Therefore, it is crucial for data to be protected at all costs, but how do data centres physically protect their client’s information?


Data Centres have a huge responsibility when it comes to customers trusting them with their data. It is their job to keep systems running with cutting-edge technology, to provide power, cooling systems, network connections, and security to keep that data safe and secure. Safetell were recently approached by a reputable UK-based organisation in the process of building a new data centre. They needed to securely control the access to their building.

A challenge for the data centre was finding an entrance control provider that was able to provide a solution within an exceptionally short lead time, of 6 weeks, due to taking on a new client with an expectation of high-security precautions in place, before handing over their data to them. Contact Safetell if you require any security solutions for your premises!


Safetell were able to provide a solution that quickly met the requirements of securely controlling who could enter the Data Centre, with a square security portal. The portal is located between the reception area and the secure-side room with the servers, limiting access for unauthorised personnel.


Safetell’s solution enabled the data centre to maintain its high-security standards and ensure that only authorised personnel had access to the data centre. The square security portal was installed within the six-week timeframe, allowing the data centre to take on the new client with confidence. Safetell’s solution ensured that all security obligations were met and that clients’ data was protected.

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