Creating Equal Access in Banks

power assisted door in a bank

Equality of Access is a critical issue in modern times for both new and existing buildings. Ensuring accessibility for everyone, regardless of their abilities, is an important aspect of shaping a welcoming and inclusive environment. It is particularly true for the corporate head offices of businesses that want to offer access in accordance with the Equality Act, including the Northern Bank.

This prominent banking group, with over 200 branches and four head offices, wanted to improve access at their City of Leeds head office, located in one of the busiest business districts.


The challenge was to link their existing Access Control solution with an enhanced Swing Door Automation system, allowing for ease of access for visitors and staff while also accommodating wheelchairs and mobility devices. Safetell was tasked with finding a solution that would carry the weight of the existing entrance doors, integrate with the networked access control system without messy cabling, and provide wheelchair access in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.


Meeting all of these requirements wouldn’t be easy, and no off-the-shelf solution would suffice. Safetell manufactured bespoke hardware and designed an electronic interface that eliminated pre-existing conflicts with the electronic locking system. This also removed the need for additional cabling.


The installation of the automated door system was completed by Safetell’s team of engineers, providing a forward-looking security solution that successfully combined door security and wheelchair access. The receptionist staff at the Northern Bank reported that the new doors were beneficial to their colleagues and were easy to access. The bank was delighted with the result and is considering installing ten more systems. Overall, the doors provided access with ease for everyone, enabling a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

Safetell’s innovative approach to providing access solutions not only met the Northern Bank’s requirements but also helped them create a better experience for staff and visitors. Safetell is always willing to find creative and practical solutions that provide equal access for all. Contact Safetell if you require any security solutions for your premesis!

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