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With thousands of students to accommodate, universities have an extremely high volume of footfall. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure travelling within a busy campus is efficient for students and lecturers. Installing automatic doors is a guaranteed safe, accessible, energy-efficient, and contactless solution to moving freely around a university.


For four years Safetell have been responsible for the maintenance of over 100 automatic and manual doors within a university in North London, as well as having installed 40 of the automatic door operators. Recently, the facilities management team for the university approached Safetell with a requirement to automate some additional existing manual doors within the estate, located at the main entrance.

During the winter months, the university prefers not to use the existing automated sliding doors as it creates a wind tunnel in the reception area; therefore, the two adjacent, interlocking swing doors would need to be automated to become DDA compliant.


The doors that required automating were particularly heavy and large, so Safetell were able to specify a suitable operator that could withstand the weight, as well as fitting safety accessories to ensure compliance to BS EN 16005, a legal requirement for which Safetell offer service and maintenance. Both swing doors were upgraded and commissioned within 48 hours.


Both the facilities management team and end users at the university were extremely happy with the installation, leading to future automatic door installations on the campus. Safetell have an SLA in agreement with the university to maintain compliance to BS EN 16005, which includes a bi-annual maintenance visit due to the heavy traffic on site. Contact Safetell if you require any automatic door servicing or security solutions for your premesis!


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