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In the security industry, specifications are a matter of life and death. As with the difference between bullet proof and bullet resistant, there are a lot of instances throughout the industry of people attempting to cut costs at the expense of the necessary and required protection.

It’s important to confirm and clarify every detail and specification received when working and installing specialist products, such as bullet resistant doors and glazing. In an industry focused on aesthetic and the bottom-line, confirming the details are correct can become even more important. As a rule, we recommend asking for certification up front as some suppliers will try to offer a cheaper or different specification to cut costs, and ultimately not supply the specified certification you required.




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Certifications + Standards

Certification and standards to the uninitiated can be an overwhelming, so it’s our role to help clarify this. You will find these types of Certifications on a range of Safetell solutions, from Ballistic Counters and Service Desks to Steel Security Doors.

Bullet Proof + Bullet Resistant

Ballistic protection products that are designed to be bullet/ballistic resistant when under attack by firearms, including the use of pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns. The protection is rated using the European (EN) Standards, which specify the weapons and severity of attack applied during testing.

Detonation + Deflagration

When specifying for fire resistance, there are two types of information you might find yourself regularly noticing: Detonation and Deflagration.



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