Bespoke and standard security products designed and specified to your exacting requirements.


With over 30 years of experience providing security and counter terror solutions in the security industry, Safetell’s position has evolved- from the initial sale of the Fast Rising Screen, which went on to revolutionise the banking and high street security industry across the United Kingdom and Europe, to our consultative approach to providing expertise and robust counter terror solutions.

Our Solutions

The Safetell Difference simplifies the security process, allowing us to take a usually standard or traditional product, such as a doorset, and construct it completely bespoke for your exact requirements.

Building Security and Staff Protection

We’re able to secure a wide variety of areas, from the outside perimeter of the building, all the way to the building interior.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection is the act of storing, protecting, and transferring assets of cash and products of high value securely, significantly reducing the chance of theft or attack while under a robust security strategy.

Intruder Detection & Monitoring

Intruder Detection and Monitoring is a method of reinforcing a security strategy with perimeter defence.

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