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Security + Branding In The Workplace

Corporate Branding

A security strategy should be able to provide a comprehensive suite of secure security solutions to the resistance, protection and comfort level required while allowing interaction to staff and the public. The aim of a successful business security plan is to provide complete protection to the organisation without impacting the daily working lives of all involved.

In using corporate colour and branding, security solutions such as Counter works and Security Doors can be hidden in plain sight through constructing, painting and fitting solutions to seamlessly fit into the existing environment

Brand Values

The need for a working environment that reflects your brand values is key, but it can often clash with an effective security measure. This often results in obtrusive security products that do not blend in with your working environment or reflect existing corporate branding.


Safetell’s bespoke approach to security means customers can experience a fully integrated solution that fits into any high street retail store or head office; with a range of colours, sizes and designs to successfully blend into any working environment.

Workplace Safety

For some workplaces, security and the prevention of criminal and terrorist activity has become an afterthought compared to the more contemporary electronic solutions provided, such as CCTV and biometric controls.

While these technologies can grant greater visibility to any workplace Security Manager, they are not able to provide the Defence in Depth needed by most organisations.

A work organisation needs to consider protecting staff, equipment, information and data and building facilities. Companies failing to provide the necessary due diligence to these considerations can incur criminal charges and possible arrest.

Importance of Physical Security

Similarly, when first introducing an integrated security solution to a business, it is common for Security Managers tend to focus on electronic and IT security, such cyber security protection, but the importance of regularly reassessing a physical security strategy will always help provide a longer-term security solution. Designing from the perimeter inwards can help foster organisational productivity through creating a secure working environment with long-term protection.

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Counter works and Service Desks

Service Desks are designed for the transactions between staff and visitors and are often their first port-of-call.

Security Doors and Entry Points

Understanding the importance of security doors is a critical aspect of providing a comprehensive security solution. From the type of protection needed – Manual Attack, Bullet or Blast– to the need for access control, and whether it needs to be set-up for regular or limited access.


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