Building Security + Staff Protection

Security Windows is strengthened glass solution designed to provide protection and visibility to your requirements.



Security Windows + Glazing


Security Windows – sometimes referred to as Security Glazing or Burglar Resistant Windows – is strengthened glass solution designed to work independently or in conjunction with a fortified Counter work and Service Desk installation, helping prevent criminal attacks and therefore fostering a safer and more relaxed working environment for both employees and visitors.

Security Windows are available in a range of manual attack and bullet resistant construction materials and can be specified to any bespoke needs to help provide the assurance needed to deliver on even the most hardened corporate security strategy, while providing a solution that can seamlessly fit into any corporate, industrial or public-facing environment.

Security Windows are ideal for customer-facing environments, and can be combined with Counter works and Speech Transfer, to provide a security solution that maintains the important customer and client relationship. In addition, Transfer Units can be employed to allow the secure transference of products through secure line.


Security Windows can be bespoke designed to your specification, with options available in sizing, resistance levels, and functionality – including the ability for ‘Switchable’ Ballistic Glass that can change opacity, allowing staff additional privacy if a service desk is not being used.

In many businesses, keeping and maintaining a high level of visibility throughout is increasingly important as a security and counter terror tactic, allowing for suspicious persons and items to be see, checked and eliminated with efficiency and ease. The use of Security Windows, as well as bullet-resistant Security Walling with glazing, can help strengthen any business or organisations environment to the level required.

Secondary Security Windows are available for instances where an existing window needs to be reinforced with an added level of resistance to help protect against attacks without the need to modify or alter the original window.

The Safetell Difference is being able to take a product and tailor it to your needs, providing a transparent project management experience; from your first contact with us to the installation and support of your bespoke request. With 30 years of knowledge and experience in the security industry, Safetell is able to listen to your requirements and provide a Security Window solution that compliments your existing security needs.


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Resistance Levels

Windows and Secure Glazing are the perfect way to introduce more visibility into an environment without having to worry about losing or affecting the existing secure-line, and can be designed and specified to your organisation exacting security requirements, whether its manual attack or bullet attack resistance required.



Security Windows and Glazing are frequently used in banks and high-value retail outlets, such as pawnbrokers and jewellers, as well as in areas with a high chance of terror attack, such as large arenas and sport stadiums. Pay Point Windows are also commonly used as secure external ticket solution at popular tourist destinations and transport stations, but can be used in a variety of solutions.

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Counter works + Service Desks

Counters and Desks can be designed to your specification to aid transaction of goods and services between staff and customers, offering resistance to the required level with a tailored solution that can harmoniously integrate with your corporate branding and working practices.

Security Windows + Glazing

Security Windows can be tailored to your protection requirements, offering a reinforced glass solution that shields staff from threats, mitigating the potential loss of assets. Security Windows can be built into your building fabric or integrated seamlessly into an existing counter installation, allowing for a bespoke solution to match the requirements of any organisation.

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