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Safetell has been a frontrunner in the UK and International Security Industry for 30 years, offering bespoke security and counter terror solutions to a wide range of customers and clients, becoming a dedicated security provider for both single location businesses to large nationwide estates, helping everyone with an duty of care in providing protection to find a solution that is right for their organisation or business.

Over 30 years, we have internally developed an expansive resource of expertise and knowledge in the security and solution-providing field. With a workforce of highly-skilled specialists, backed-up by a knowledgeable team of manufacturers, designers, and installations, we are able to put the priority on being able to help customers always find their specified needs.

Our Expertise

Safetell’s expertise is the foundation to providing our bespoke security solutions, allowing for Safetell to offer a consultative approach to security, wherein we can help navigate and direct interested parties to their requirements.

Our Proposition

The performance and robustness of our Physical Security and Counter  Terror solutions are a given, but it is our focus on streamlining processes for specifiers, architects, installers and end users that makes the difference.

Our Expertise

Certifications + Protection Standards

Manual Attack, Bullet, and Blast Resistance solutions for products, such as Security Doors or Security Windows, all need to be tested for certification. With different levels of certification all offering a range of different protection levels, the difference can be considered a matter of life and death as a single incorrect resistance specification can ruin an entire security solution – risking lives and reputation.

Deter and Delay by Design

Deter and Delay by Design is a strategy designed to protect and secure businesses and modern operations before the criminal action takes place to alleviate greater costs incurred from potential damage in the future. Failing to deter and delay, and focusing upon response after the event is significantly costlier, this cost can manifest in a multitude of ways; from staff stress, counseling costs to loss of property.

Incorporating Corporate Branding

The use of corporate colours and branding to further integrate security into a building has proven extremely popular, allowing for previously obtrusive security products fit in effortlessly to any working environment.

Definitions + Terminology

Our ever-growing catalogue of security definitions and terminology serves to demystify a range of essential, yet confusing concepts.

Counter Terror Strategies + Information

Our updated resource containing information about CONTEST and the key concepts of Counter Terror strategies within the United Kingdom.

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