Security Screens

We’re a manufacturer, supplier and installer of physical security products, including Security Screens. Our security screens are designed and constructed to fit a wide variety of professional and corporate aesthetics. From front office receptions, to bank counters, to retail pay windows and more, our range of security screens can seamlessly fit into any corporate vernacular.

Security Screens – sometimes referred to as Security Glazing – are an important aspect of an overall security system, allowing for a chosen level of manual attack, bullet or blast resistance to be carried out across multiple surfaces in a single design.  Security Screens are a key part of the ‘Deter and Delay by Design’ scheme we implement. By focusing on the Deter and Delay element of Security Management, we can help cater to your exact needs to help prevent the potential expenses brought on by the additional elements. Security Screens function as the definitive Deter and Delay element because the existence of them act as a active deterrent whilst providing a great level of strength against attack – protecting both staff and assets.

Safetell was founded in 1989, entering the market with our flagship product – the bullet resistant Fast Rising Screen. The screen rises from the counter in under one second, providing greater protection and control to staff. Very quickly, the Fast Rising Screen became popular across the United Kingdom, being installed at many high street banks and businesses.

We know all environments need to be secured to different levels. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of resistance levels. We’re able to offer entire counterwork suites, including security glazing, for both manual attack and bullet resistance.