Definitions + Terminology

Security Terminology

What is Physical Security?
Physical Security is the protection of people, property and information against potential threats of fire and natural disaster to targeted attacks such as burglary, vandalism and terror attacks. Protection is developed with a security strategy, with a mix of physical and procedural approaches helping build a comprehensive strategy that can then be used from a single building to a wider national infrastructure. Physical security protects against the most direct and targeted types of attack, either completely deterring all attacks or delaying intruders to the point of capture.


What is CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television)?
CCTV is a localised television broadcast that is monitored and often recorded for surveillance purposes. CCTV cameras can be set throughout a building or wider network and sent to a single computer to view. Recently, CCTV has been trending towards using IP technology, allowing the local internet to help provide higher quality and faster coverage.

What is Access Control?
Access Control systems are designed to perform identification and authorisation to members of staff or businesses through the use of devices such as ID cards and biometrics. Access Control systems are essential to building a robust security strategy as they can track the time and whereabouts of individuals through the card reading. In addition, Access Control can regulate permission control to lock people out of secure areas unless approved.


What is Electronic Security?
Electronic Security is the protection of networks and information against cyber attacks and hacking, as well as a number of elements involved in physical security, such as CCTV and access control.

Counter Terror Terminology

What is Terrorism?
Terrorism is the use of threats and acts of violence to intimidate the public for a political motivation in an attempt to create a state of fear and submission. Terrorist attacks are often planned with months of research and decision-making in an attempt to generate maximum impact and coverage.

What is CONTEST?
CONTEST is the UK Government’s Counter Terrorism strategy designed to reduce the risk to the UK and its overseas interests from terrorism, in an effort to protect its citizens and create a free way of life. CONTEST is built around four key work-streams: Pursue, Prevent, Protect and Prepare.

Building Security + Staff Protection

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