Building Security + Staff Protection

Safetell’s Secure Walling can be designed bespoke to your specification to meet your protection requirements and aesthetic needs, including Steel and Glazed.

Secure Walling + Partitions


Secure Walling – sometimes referred to as Armoured Walling – is a form of highly resistant partitioning that provides comfort and peace-of-mind to businesses and operations seeking protection of their highly valuable assets, such as the external walling when creating a Cash Machine/ATM Protection Enclosure Pods or reinforcing a building wall.

Secure Walling can add or improve manual attack, bullet/ballistic and blast resistance to a wide range of infrastructure projects and can be retrofitted to existing buildings, while also maintaining enough self-support to be used as an entirely modular bespoke solution to help create and reinforce a unit or area to specified and personalized needs.


Secure Walling can be bespoke designed and constructed to any business needs, with a number of different options- including glazing.

In the current terror landscape, resilience and fortification of existing property has become a key strategy against terror attacks. Working in combination with a Security Door solution, Secure Walling can help provide a fully bullet/ballistic and blast resistant solution to fit any anti-terror requirements and regulations.

The Safetell Difference is being able to take a product and tailor it to your needs, providing a transparent project management experience; from first contact to us, to the installation and support of your bespoke request. Airlock Doors can be bespoke produced to your security specifications, with functionality available for biometric ID, metal detectors, preventing tailgating, locking to help create a uniform system to complement your security strategy.

Resistance Levels

Secure Walling can meet a variety of certification needs, including protection against powered and mechanical tools to NF XP ENX1627 L3 and L4, ballistic resistance to FB4 EN1522 / G2 S86 under the European Standards and blast resistant to ISO 16933 EXV25 in International Standards.  It is also certified to 90 minutes of Fire Survival Time. Additional specifications are available and can be produced to the desired level.




Secure Walling is frequently used to construct modular ATM Enclosures for supermarkets and shopping malls, as well as used to help reinforce walling in targeted areas such as data centres, weapon storage and research chemical facilities, often in combination with blast or bullet security doors.

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Counter works + Service Desks

Counter works – sometimes referred to as Service Desks or Retail Counters – are a form of desk or table designed for the transaction of goods and services between staff and customers, and is often used as a first port-of-call for any potential client or customer.

Security Windows and Glazing

Security Windows – sometimes referred to Security Glazing or Burglary Resistant Windows – is strengthened glass solution designed to work independently or in conjunction with a fortified Counter work and Service Desk installation, helping foster a safer and more relaxed working environment for both employees and visitors. Security Windows are available in a range of manual attack and bullet resistant construction materials and can be specified to any bespoke needs to help provide the assurance needed to deliver on even the most hardened corporate security strategy, while still providing a professional solution that can seamlessly fit into any corporate, industrial or public-facing environment.

Security Doors + Entry Points

Providing access to secure buildings in the form of Security Doors – constructed for manual attack, bullet and blast attack resistance – is an integral task in providing convenience and accessibility in securing buildings both large and small, from front office accessibility in high street banks to deep perimeter data centre entry.

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