Asset Protection

Asset Protection is the act of storing, protecting, and transferring assets of cash and products of high value securely, significantly reducing the chance of theft or attack while under a robust security strategy.

Secure Cash Protection


Secure Cash Protection is the act of protecting and storing cash for a period of time in a working cash environment, with options for specialist features such as Time Delay Withdrawal, Cash Recycling and Instant Depositing, creating a more efficient day-to-day operation with agile security solutions that can protect both staff and business operation.

With a range of solutions available depending on your operation and specification needed, Secure Cash Protection is often seen as the perfect complement to a new Counter work and Service Desk installation, turning secure framework into a modern and effective cash office. Secure Cash Protection solutions can also be retrofitted into an existing counter work to help improve security and operational productivity without the expense of a new build.

Instant depositing helps securely simplify managing company finances, allowing for instantaneous networked deposits that can be tailored to connect directly to a wider company system, alleviating staff from the pressure of cash counting and immediately providing the head office a larger overview of the operation.


In addition, some solutions can provide a Time Delayed Cash Withdrawal feature. Time Delay is a proven method of reducing burglary and criminal acts by forcing a delay on an aggressor or team of assailants.

Secure Cash Protection solutions are frequently used in banking, retail, postal offices, petrol/gas filling stations, as well as in dedicated cash offices in leisure and entertainment environments.


The Safetell Difference removes the headache of choosing the right product combination and specification for your business, allowing Safetell to listen to your situation and needs, offering a Secure Cash Protection solution that resolves your problem in no time at all.

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Transfer Hatches and Units

Cash Trays and Transfer Units enable the ability to securely trade cash, documents, packages and products from an insecure to secure environment without impeding or impacting the secure defensive line in any way, creating a safer and relaxed workplace for staff while still maintaining protection of products and information.

Smokenote Cash and Dye

Smoke and Dye is a subtle and secure means of protecting your cash and products. Consisting of a thin radio receiver linked to a flexible smoke and dye combination, Smoke and Dye (sometimes referred to as Smokenote) acts as a deterrent to thieves following a robbery attempt. Emission of smoke dye will gain the attention of any nearby members of the public and deter future attempts.

Building Security + Staff Protection

From bullet resistant Counters + Service Desks, target hardened partitions and Blast Resistant doors, to electronic moving screens and interlocking door units, Safetell provides a wide variety of solutions to keep your organisation secure.

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