UniSas EV

Designed to securely and efficiently filter staff, UniSAS EV is a security mantrap that is designed for a high level of flow with integrated anti-tailgating measures.

UniSas EV can coordinate seamlessly with a wide range of various security solutions, making the UniSas EV the perfect addition to a robust security system – or an intelligent beginning to a new suite of security solutions.

With a consistent flow of 5 people a minute, UniSas EV is a shielded security airlock designed to filter and protect staff working at all types of secure premises and areas for storing data or objects of value. If a stronger level of security is needed, the filtering number can be reduced. A pass-tray built into the unit can enhance security, allowing transference of cash and documents without a full security check. As an automated filtering system, UniSas EV can reduce costs by replacing the need to have constant entrance guarding personnel.

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Technical Information

As a compact and standardised high-security system, the unit is delivered and dismantled on-site for installation onto a finished floor; or mounted against the façade. When mounted into a building’s brickwork, it provides a break-in resistance of up to EN 1627 – maintaining a great level of bullet resistance. An integrated photo cell infrared beam is beamed from the top of the unit to the floor. If a person is detected by the radar after an exit, the deflection of the leaf is blocked halfway.

With an appealing aesthetic, UniSas EV integrates seamlessly into all types of architecture and is ideal for a reception entrance.


UniSas EV provides a flow of five people per minute and can be customised, depending on the level of security filtering needed

Colours and Finishes

Powdered coated paint finish as standard with grey, aluminium and white. Additional RAL colours are available to match any corporate branding requirements.


Overall Width: 887mm – 1162mm

Passage Width: 630mm – 830mm

Overall Height: 2130mm

Passage Height: 2037mm

Depth: 860mm – 1162mm


352 – 456kg

Resistance Level

Ballistic resistant to EN1522 FB3 as standard, with options for EN 1063 BR3-S to BR5-S. Manual Attack Resistant is available to EN 356 P5A, P6B to P8B and EN 1627 TC3 to RC5.

Additional Notes

Integration of a pass-tray in a door so that notes and documents can be passed through it without having to enter the protected zone


Solutions are available for banking environments, such as high street banks, corporate head offices and building societies. Our solutions are especially ideal for banking organisations which may need to secure high-value cash and assets, in addition to providing robust security for both the staff and buildings protected by the organisation.


Solutions are available for the transport industry, including airports, bus and train stations. Our solutions can help provide safety and security to some of the busiest and highly-targeted public areas.

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