UniSas BA

UniSas BA offers single-person detection, combining a security door and cell for improved protection. The shielded airlock functions as a genuine deterrent to break-ins and hostage-takings.


Designed with a professional aesthetic, the UniSas Airlock is delivered with a build, look and footprint similar to a traditional Security Door, with the benefits of an airlock solution. The UniSas BA is particularly well-suited to areas in which cash and items of value or data are stored.

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Technical Information

Restricted single-person detection helps make the UniSas BA a straightforward security airlock that is easy-to-set-up and run, leading to reduced maintenance and cost brought on by the control console.

The shielded airlock functions as a genuine deterrent to break-ins and hostage-taking. It is particularly well-suited to areas in which cash, items of value or data is stored.


An infrared beam from the top of the airlock limits the number of people passing through – so only one person at a time can pass through, for a flow of 8 people/minute.

Colours and Finishes

Powdered coated paint finish as standard with grey, aluminium and white. Additional RAL colours are available to match any corporate branding requirements.


Overall Width: 1215 – 1530mm

Passage Width: 900mm – 1215mm

Overall Height: 2130mm – 2205mm

Passage Height: 2037mm

Depth: 690mm


244 – 293kg

Resistance Level

Ballistic resistant to EN 1522 FB2 as standard, with options for EN 1063 BR3-S to BR6-NS FB2 and FB3 to FB6. Manual attack resistance is available to EN 356 P2A, P5A, P6B to P8B, as well as EN 16 27 RC3 and RC4.

Research and Data Centres

Solutions are available for data centres, research centres, and areas which require a high-level of gated access, monitoring and restriction. Our solutions are used to provide bespoke protection to the requirements of the organisation.


Solutions are available for banking environments, such as high street banks, corporate head offices and building societies. Our solutions are especially ideal for banking organisations which may need to secure high-value cash and assets, in addition to providing robust security for both the staff and buildings protected by the organisation.

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