Time Delayed Cashier Pedestal

Enhance your cash service security and efficiency with a Cashier Pedestal, designed to protect from theft and robbery.


Cash handling pedestals are the perfect secure companion for most bank staff, retail tellers and Cash Offices employees. With various storage solutions competing for space underneath, space and organisation become essential.

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Technical Information

Cashier Pedestals offer a quick and simple ‘cash drop’ facility allows service position cashiers to drop cash directly into a time-delayed enclosure at the base of a unit. The time-delayed enclosure prevents potential criminal threats by limiting the amount of cash they can potentially be given.

Colours and Finishes

Drawers and unit bodywork are finished in a durable light grey polyester powder coat.


  • The top drawer can be fitted either with a removable locking cash box, or coin bowls and note dividers
  • The second drawer can be fitted with adjustable note dividers in the front portion
  • The secure enclosure can have the time delay lock substituted with a key operated slam lock or combination lock unit


External Height: 645mm

External Width: 470mm

External Depth: 590mm

Internal Height (Top Drawer): 100mm

Internal Height (Second Drawer): 100mm

Internal Height (Time Delay Enclosure):  240mm

Int. Depth (Top Drawer): 555mm
In. Depth  (Second Drawer): 375mm

Int. Depth (Time Delay Enclosure: 310mm
Int. Width (Top Drawer): 394mm
Int. Width (Second Drawer): 394mm
Int. Width (Time Delay Enclosure: 400mm



Additional Notes

It is separated into two core compartments.

The top drawers are secured by a lock of choice and can be fitted either a selection of cash configuration devices (inc. cash box, coin bowls, note dividers). The second drawer provides access to the armoured enclosure below the Cash Pedestal, and can have a time delayed lock substituted with a key operated ‘slam lock’ or combination lock unit.


Solutions are available for retail environments, such as high street shops, shopping malls, corporate head offices, pawnbrokers, retail outlet parks, among others. Our solutions are regularly used to provide bespoke protection to organisations trading assets such as large sums of cash, jewellery, technology, and one-of-a-kind antiques, in addition to providing staff protection and security when required.

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