Speech Transfer

Improve communication whilst maintaining security with two-way Speech Transfer devices designed to seamlessly fit into any service environment. 

Speech Transfer is an electronic audio transfer device which naturally detects voice and enhances it electronically through a secure-line for easy hearing on the secure staff side.

Speech Transfer is provided with two options, with either a: Bridgebar Focus Mic or a Combined Mic and Speaker Mount system available, depending on requirements.

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Technical Information

Both public and staff positions are equipped with microphone and loudspeaker for clear communication. The staff side microphone and speaker unit is also equipped with a flexible goose neck for staff comfort and is supplied with standard length leads and connectors to provide a plug-and-play system.

A mute feature is also available to prevent the system from transmitting staff speech when it is not desired. Each system is supplied with its own power supply with a standard 3-pin plug, simple staff amplifier with volume adjustment and induction loop aerial and label to accommodate members of the public who have hearing aids.

Speech Transfer Types

  • Speech Transfer Combined Mic and Speaker (Surface Mount System) has a general purpose public microphone, which provides a lower cost system for applications in which background noise is lower.
  • Speech Transfer Focus Microphone (Bridgebar System) has a directional public microphone positioned straight toward the customer, to eliminate background noise, suitable for busier establishments.


Solutions are available for banking environments, such as high street banks, corporate head offices and building societies. Our solutions are especially ideal for banking organisations which may need to secure high-value cash and assets, in addition to providing robust security for both the staff and buildings protected by the organisation.


Solutions are available for government buildings, which often require a high-level of protection and policing. With a central location required, government buildings are frequent targets for criminal and terror attacks. Our solutions are able to provide protection for government buildings bespoke to individual needs and requirements.

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