SkySas EV

The elegant solution for enhanced security, SkySas EV is a security airlock unlike traditional airlocks with a surface area that is 80% glass. SkySas EV guarantees security perimeter continuity and meets the highest standards for ballistic resistance.

Designed to harmoniously integrate into existing surroundings, SkySas fits in discreetly whether installed internally or externally to the building.  Glass airlocks maintain the security of a regular airlock, but lessen the overbearing nature of traditional security products.

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Technical Information

SkySas Airlocks are constructed to stop unauthorised access to private or secure areas of buildings. With the integration of metal detection, SkySas is able to safely filter out dangerous or hazardous items. Its two sliding doors help combine with the most accurate metal detection system available – complaint with NILJEC International Standards.

It is a contactless airlock for enhanced hygiene, reducing cleaning time from staff and therefore raising profits.

The glass surface area reduces the feeling of claustrophobia, ensuring ease and comfort of use. It is especially suited to premises that are open to the general public.


SkySas EV provides a flow of four people per minute.

Activation and Controls

Opening requests can be issued by commands from call button, detection (radar) and/or access control equipment (card reader, biometrics).

Colours and Finishes

Powdered coated paint finish as standard with grey, aluminium and white. Additional RAL colours are available to match any corporate branding requirements.


Overall Width: 1100mm – 1350mm

Passage Width: 650mm – 990mm

Overall Height: 2200mm

Passage Height: 2000mm

Depth: 725mm – 1450mm


301kg – 735kg

Resistance Level

SkySas EV provides manual attack EN 356 P5A as standard, with options for P6B to P8B and EN1627 up to equiv. RC4. Ballistic Resistance is available, with EN 1063 BR3-S to BR5-S and EN 1522 FB2 to FB4.

Additional Notes

SkySas BA can be used in free access mode for public access, or integrated with an access control solution that includes card readers, biometrics and identification.


Solutions are available for retail environments, such as high street shops, shopping malls, corporate head offices, pawnbrokers, retail outlet parks, among others. Our solutions are regularly used to provide bespoke protection to organisations trading assets such as large sums of cash, jewellery, technology, and one-of-a-kind antiques, in addition to providing staff protection and security when required.


Solutions are available for banking environments, such as high street banks, corporate head offices and building societies. Our solutions are especially ideal for banking organisations which may need to secure high-value cash and assets, in addition to providing robust security for both the staff and buildings protected by the organisation.


Solutions are available for the transport industry, including airports, bus and train stations. Our solutions can help provide safety and security to some of the busiest and highly-targeted public areas.

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