Validate notes instantly with SafeNote, a bespoke cash protection device designed to check for counterfeiting and provide secure storage and depositing.

By allowing the cashier staff to stay in position, it cuts down on the number of separate tasks being managed and reduces the chance of theft and counterfeit note usage. SafeNote is supplied with traditional cash cassettes, holding up to 1200 individual banknotes, offering a max capacity of £60,000.

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Technical Information

SafeNote can be installed into a range of counterworks and services, however, a prepared opening to the specified measurements is necessary. Once installed, the device seamlessly fits into the surroundings – providing staff easy access to both the till and deposit unit.

Constructed from a resilient material to provide optimum protection with a professional design that can naturally fit into any cash handling environment.

SafeNote brings together the independent success of the Flip-Top-Till and the Cash Deposit Unit to form a single unified product that can easily be maintained by a single shop assistant or staff member without the need of greater or senior responsibility.


Width: 33mm

Height: 56mm

Depth: 51mm



Resistance Level

Constructed of a rugged stainless steel and steel design to securely keep cash locked and deposited. The storage unit is internally tested against manual attack and can only be accessed through a secure steel locked door.


SafeNote benefits from connections with USB and LAN, allowing for the instant networked depositing if required. If multiple SafeNote units are installed, the units are able to successfully interface to the wider network. SafeNote is also capable as a stand-alone product.


Solutions are available for retail environments, such as high street shops, shopping malls, corporate head offices, pawnbrokers, retail outlet parks, among others. Our solutions are regularly used to provide bespoke protection to organisations trading assets such as large sums of cash, jewellery, technology, and one-of-a-kind antiques, in addition to providing staff protection and security when required.

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