Pay Window – PW3

Safetell PW3 Pay Windows provide a complete security transaction window as a single module, ideal for use in through-the-wall or door applications.

  • Each PW3 incorporates security glazing, a stainless steel glazing frame, passive voice transfer glazing framework, cash scoop in counterwork as a module
  • The PW3 is designed for internal use and the transfer of smaller items through a shallow transaction tray
  • The PW3 features a narrower counter surface making it ideal for use in through-the-wall or door applications
  • The highly resistant security glazing protects staff from manual attack or attack with firearms (version dependent)
  • The split frame allows the passive transfer of speech while retaining the security of staff
  • All PW3 pay windows are fitted with a rectangular base, which is inlaid with linoleum (blue/grey as standard) and finished with ash hardwood edgings
  • If the wall into which the module is to be fitted does not have sufficient width to support the unit, an additional wall enhancement using Safetell’s CityWall product can be supplied
  • PW3 transaction windows are manufactured to order call Safetell
    T: 01322 22 32 33

Download Pay Window Range Datasheet

Technical specification and typical applications below

  • Technical information

  • Applications

Technical specifications


Height: 794mm
Width: 513mm
Depth: 280mm


Bullet Resistant 42mm Glass: 47 kg

Manual Attack 13.5mm Glass: 25 kg


Bullet Resistant 42mm Glass: BS5051 G2

Manual Attack 13.5mm Glass: EN356 P4A

All Pay Point Windows are manufactured in general accordance with BS 5357 Code of Practice for Installation of Security Glazing.

Transfer Tray

19mm Deep Tray without Slider
Tray Width 300mm


Screen Frame: stainless steel

Counter Surface: Blue/Grey marmoleum real ref 3182 Laponia with hardwood edgings


Manufactured to order – call Safetell for lead time

Typical applications

Pay Point Windows are suitable for protecting cash and staff in all areas where there is a possible risk of robbery or violent assault. Ticket offices, payment booths and cash offices are usual environments in which the windows are used.

When specifying installations, note that all surrounding walls, doors and partitioning should provide levels of protection against attack which are equivalent or higher than levels offered by the windows.

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