Eye-2-Eye – Moving Counter Module

For open and friendly trading, Eye-2-Eye – Moving Counter Module, is a multi-tiered accessibility counter that can electronically change height to meet requirements of customers and staff.


Maximize space and efficiency with Eye-2-Eye, a complete unit that allows for a range of Equality Act counter heights at once. With a quick transition between different heights, Eye-2-Eye – Moving Counter Module, is a recommended addition to all counterwork set-ups with limited space.

Eye-2-Eye can be used as a Ticket Office Security Window for areas such as Railways, Transport Offices, Hospitals, among many others. It provides equality of access for all customers, as required by the disability discrimination act.

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Technical Information

Staff protection against ballistic attack is never compromised as the security glazing moves up and down with the counter. The counter is electrically powered and can be raised or lowered to meet the demands of any service position. Constructed as a single modular unit, Eye-2-Eye can be easily installed into prepared openings in a short time.

All customers can be served from one universal service position, reducing queues

Eye-2-Eye features a recognisable design standard that all customers can recognised and expect to cater to their needs.


Eye-2-Eye is a floor to ceiling counter assembly which can be positioned and secured flush over, or recessed into, an existing opening. The unit is factory assembled and the top cowl and side cheeks are removable for ease of installation.


Height Overall: 2150mm or 2350mm

Unit Width 1200mm

Counter Depth Front-to-Back 975mm

Colours and FInishes

The powder coated steel framework is available in standard RAL colours and provides the finished appearance on both staff and customer sides of Eye-2-Eye. The counter is finished in marmoleum and is available in a variety of colours. Contrasting colour schemes can be implemented for those with visual impairment.

Resistance Level

Ballistic Resistant:

The glass performance offers protection against ballistic attack (armed robbery) to BS EN1063 Classes BR4 and SG1.

Manual Attack Resistant:

The glass is certified to BS EN 356 Class P4A and the whole structure will resist physical attack to the forces specified for Class P3A .

To enhance security, an External Shutter and a Call-For-Assistance Button can also be installed.

Additional Notes

Several upgrades can be made to Eye-2-Eye, including Coin and Note Tray (with Removable Lid), Position-Closed Blinds, Chip & Pin CableWay and an Anti-Vandal Metal Shutter.


Solutions are available for the transport industry, including airports, bus and train stations. Our solutions can help provide safety and security to some of the busiest and highly-targeted public areas.


Solutions are available for government buildings, which often require a high-level of protection and policing. With a central location required, government buildings are frequent targets for criminal and terror attacks. Our solutions are able to provide protection for government buildings bespoke to individual needs and requirements.

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