CompacSas BAH

Secure any door with CompacSAS BAH, the ideal way to transform existing doors into Interlocking Doors and Circle Locks.


It can be used to create secure entrances, with single-person entry being enforced through volumetric sensors.

Often specified for head and corporate offices of large companies, as well as data centres and medical facilities.

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Technical Information

CompacSas BAH is an ideal solution for providing additional security to existing entrances, whether it’s in a corporate office, a public facility or an industrial building. Single-person entry is enforced through a system of ultrasound volumetric sensors. The vandal-resistant unit can also be constructed in Manual Attack and Ballistic Resistance.


Constructed from a composite double-leaf sliding CompacSas door with laminated glass security panel and steel structure and ceiling. On this unit, the second door is an existing door (but these can be swapped). As a pre-assembled unit, CompacSas BAH features a distinct and appealing aesthetic that fits into a variety of surroundings.


CompacSAS BAH provides a flow of five people per minute.


Overall Width: 1380mm

Passage Width: 900mm

Overall Height: 2304mm

Passage Height: 2090mm

Depth: 930mm


Weight: 500kg

Resistance Level

Certified to EN 356 P4A for manual attack resistance, with the option for a more protective manual attack and ballistic resistant construction to both EN 356 P6B and EN 1063 BR2-S

Additional Notes

A wealth of optional equipment is available, including control console, intercom, voice synthesizer, battery backup, additional door contact, emergency push button inside the airlock, high-security cylinder, pre-cabling for access control, equipment kit for existing door.

Data Centres

Solutions are available for data centres, research centres, and areas which require a high-level of gated access, monitoring and restriction. Our solutions are used to provide bespoke protection to the requirements of the organisation.


Solutions are available for medical facilities, such as NHS hospitals, 24/7 accident and emergency (A&E) surgeries, general surgeries, dentists, opticians, among others. Our solutions for the healthcare sector can protect staff from aggressors while maintaining secure ease-of-operation cash and asset transfer.

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