CompacSas BA

CompacSas BA is a single-unit interlocking airlock with a glazed aesthetic that can seamlessly fit into any corporate environment.


Prioritising speed and public efficiency, while maintaining security in busy workplaces and buildings can be a challenging undertaking. CompacSas BA – Interlocking Airlock Door harmoniously integrates into all types of corporate, industrial and service sector environments.

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Technical Information

A range of different shapes, sizes and resistance levels are available, offering protection from vandalism, manual attack or bullet resistance.

The device is installed with an intuitive 10” tablet Control Console that can command either the single CompacSAS or multiple if they are networked.

In an emergency, the door can be unlocked by using a mechanical fail-secure key. Alternatively, a break-glass unit can be used.


CompacSas BA features curved, motorised sliding doors that allow for ease of passage. With a simple interlocking mechanism, the outer door will open if nobody is inside. When a user enters the interlock, they will be detected and the outer door will shut. The inner door then opens and the user can safely exit the interlock. If anything potentially unsafe is detected, the inner door will remain closed. For direct communication to the Interlock in the event of a hazard, Voice Synthesis is offered to enforce additional security.


Provides flow to the standard of 4 persons per minute, with options up to 6 persons if required. The design of the CompacSas BA allows for installation where there is limited floor space.


Overall Width: 1032mm – 1500mm

Passage Width: 600mm – 900mm

Overall Height: 2400mm

Passage Height: 2200mm

Depth: 1032 – 1500mm


710 – 1115 kg

Resistance Level

CompacSas BA provides Manual Attack Resistance to EN 356 P2A, with options for Ballistic Resistance EN 1063 to BR3-S P7B and BR4-NS.

Additional Notes

There is a choice of presence-detection, single-person detection, metal and abandoned-object detection equipment in order to determine the required security level. In emergency situations, the door can be unlocked by using a mechanical fail-secure key. Alternatively, a break-glass unit can be used.


Solutions are available for government buildings, which often require a high-level of protection and policing. With a central location required, government buildings are frequent targets for criminal and terror attacks. Our solutions are able to provide protection for government buildings bespoke to individual needs and requirements.

Data Centers and Server Rooms

Solutions are available for data centres, research centres, and areas which require a high-level of gated access, monitoring and restriction. Our solutions are used to provide bespoke protection to the requirements of the organisation.

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