Cash Scoops

Engage customers with ease with Cash Scoops, a heavy metal counter insert to allow for smoother transfer of cash and documents when using fixed glazing.

Provide a quicker response to customers with Cash Transfer Scoops. With a varying level of depths, there is a wide array of transfer solutions available. From very thin slips and single documents to wider envelopes and packages.

We’re able to develop Cash Transfer Scoops, also known as Transfer Trays, in bespoke sizes for your project requirements. If necessary, we’re also able to install protection sliders on top of the Cash Scoop to further enhance protection – preventing external elements, such as rainfall, enter the tray.

  • Transfer Scoop

  • Bullet Resistant

  • Two-Tier

Technical Information

Cash Transfer Scoops are constructed from stainless steel for durability and are available in three standard tray depth sizes. Bespoke custom sizes are manufactured to order. Ballistic Resistant Cash Transfer Scoops are available if a higher level of resistance is needed. If necessary, protection sliders can enhance protection on top of the Cash Scoop to enhance security and prevent unwanted or accidental passage of rainfall or items.


Width: 320mm

Depth: 420mm

A – Internal Tray Depth: 40mm

A – Overall Tray Depth: 50mm

B – Internal Tray Depth: 75mm

B – Overall Tray Depth 85mm

C – Internal Tray Depth: 110mm

C – Overall Tray Depth: 120mm

Additional Notes

If space for the transfer of larger items and products is needed, please see our range of Bulk Transfer Units and Night Pay Hatches.

Technical Information

Two tray depths (57mm and 113mm) are available offering quick and easy transfer of cash or documents. Both offer ballistic protection to the G2/S86 level of BS 5051: Part 1:1988. A clear plastic access slide controlled by the cashier can be secured on the customer side when the unit is not in use. This base is fitted with a full duplex electronically controlled speech enhancement system. The unit amplifies the speech of both the cashier and the customer automatically without the need for manual switching.


An induction loop accessory is available as an option with all Pay Stations for the benefit of hearing-aid users. For particularly noisy environments we are able to offer advanced bridge bar speech systems to ensure clear communications at all times.



Width: 353

Depth: 443

Speech Transfer

Width: 514

Depth: 443

Resistance Level

Ballistic options are available to all levels of BS051: Part 1:1988, with additional anti-ricochet protection available.

Additional Notes

A number of Cash Scoop pay troughs are available, in depths of 19mm and 38mm, the 19mm deep version is available in three different sizes.


Two-Tier Cash Transfer Scoop is a pay station designed for multi-tier counter transactions, allowing for smaller cash and assets to be traded in the top unit, with larger products and bulk cash being traded beneath.

Technical Information

Constructed from Stainless Steel, the Cash Transfer Scoop provides a smooth and professional surface to trade cash through a secure line Ballistic Counterwork and Service Desk or similar. Beneath, a glass Vision Panel allows for complete visibility of products being used within. If Speech Transfer is required, a Bridgebar system can be incorporated.


Height: 290mm

Width: 352mm

Depth: 364mm



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