Access Control

From single door security to large networked estates, Access Control is an essential form of operational door security that can be designed and specified to any organisations exact requirements. 


Designed initially as a straight-forward security solution to restrict access to certain parts of buildings, it has since expanded into a wide range of configurable and personalised options that can provide your business with a range of additional information, including time, attendance, permissions, and specific operational capabilities, such as integrating with building management software to lock down and turn lights off if no one is in the building. We offer a range of access control solutions that can be developed and installed bespoke to your organisational requirements.

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Technical Information

Access Control provides greater security through restricting and monitoring access to doorways and geographical areas through card systems, FOB’s and a range of other key methods.

ID Card’s are scanned by a Card Reader, often placed near a door or entry point. A range of controllers are available, to allow for systems from one door to an entire building.


We’re able to offer a range of bespoke solutions for your business, by creating configurable access groups for specific times, areas, or even certain days. Access Control provides a wealth of additional administrative oversight, even including some simplified workforce management controls, such as time and attendance recording.

We offer solutions that can cater for a single door dental surgery, right up to an entire enterprise, with thousands of doors and multiple sites, each with their own requirements.


Solutions are available for banking environments, such as high street banks, corporate head offices and building societies. Our solutions are especially ideal for banking organisations which may need to secure high-value cash and assets, in addition to providing robust security for both the staff and buildings protected by the organisation.


Solutions are available for education facilities, such as primary schools, middle schools, secondary schools and higher education organisations, such as colleges and universities. Our solutions can provide protection to staff and students to bespoke requirements. In addition, our team is able to work around the school schedule with the ability to provide installation during school holidays.

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