Secondary Glazing

  • The security level of the entire secure area should align with the level of risk
  • Available in manual attack and bullet resistance
  • Can be installed into a window reveal or an independent frame
  • Does not disturb existing external glazing and is designed to be unobtrusive to avoid drawing attention to high security areas within a building

Secondary Security Glazing provides bullet resistance and protection from physical attack as well as enhanced burglary resistance. It fits behind existing external windows to avoid drawing attention to secure areas. The glazing is fitted to any area of a building that requires enhanced levels of protection and can be installed into a window reveal or an independent frame.

Typical applications include historic buildings, banks and listed buildings.

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Dimensions (mm)

H = Bespoke to project requirement

W = Bespoke to project requirement

Weight (kg)

Bespoke to project requirement


BS 5051 G2/S86
EN 1522 up to FB6
EN 1063 up to BR6

Additional Information.

Optional Features: Optional obscure panels and finished to suit requirements


Historic buildings
Listed buildings
Cash Offices


Service and Maintenance.

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