Increasing store profit is an ever-present challenge in the competitive retail sector. We offer a range of products designed to assist retailers and enhance store profitability while protecting staff. From Security Glazing to tiered-counters for DDA-accessibility, we’re able to support your wide range of security and consumer needs. 

We have been working with some of the UK’s best-known retailers for over 25 years, as well as with some of the largest International retail groups, and it’s our privilege to be able to focus on projects, from the largest network chain to the smallest independent station.

Our products and services help retailers enhance store profitability, protect staff and stock, and even bolster retail group’s external reputation.

We can cover almost any aspect of a store’s physical security – from the effective management of cash float area to blast and ballistic resistant doors at the front of the store. And, of course, our comprehensive CCTV products mean that we have the store’s perimeter literally covered.

Safetell’s solutions are used to ensure that staff feel safe in their working environment, to minimise staff fraud, control access into retail spaces and, crucially to enhance customer’s experience and sense of well-being while they are shopping.

It’s no surprise that so many large retailers and supermarkets rely on us to keep their retail spaces safe and secure.

From specification to installation and maintenance, at Safetell we provide end-to-end service by working with you through every part of the process. Our approach is to secure you in a manner that suits you best. We want to create enduring partnerships, allowing for a consultative approach to protection as your needs change.


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