Protection of staff, premises, and assets is of significant importance in the rail and transport sector. Our ticket office security glazing and counterwork solutions have been extensively supplied across the UK to both Network Rail and many train operating companies.

Our customers in the transport sector rely on us to install and support security products that help to protect transport staff, premises and assets – as well as passengers. In these days of heightened terror alerts, physical security is more important than ever before, which is why our range of solutions for this sector includes bullet and ballistic resistant products.

We supply ticket office security products to many of the UK’s train operating companies, as well as working closely with Network Rail. Ticket office staff frequently work in busy, stressful environments and our security solutions help to keep sales staff and assets safe and protected while ensuring that customers can buy their tickets and travel products in easily and without fuss.

Safetell is also a market leader in designing and producing counterwork that meets the needs of specialist groups of travellers. Eye-2-Eye is our bespoke DDA compliant counter and security window, which allows all travellers to be served from a single counter. It can automatically be adjusted to suit passengers in wheelchairs or those using walking aids, and can also be fitted with an induction loop and active speech transfer to facilitate those with hearing difficulties. It even features contrast colours to aid the partially sighted.

Behind the scenes, we also help to secure and protect transport administration offices, store rooms and other buildings that form part of an operator’s estate. We work closely with international airports to design, install and support High-Security Offices – which typically include bullet/ballistic resistant walls, roofs, doors, transaction facilities and viewing windows. These fully protected offices help to give airport staff complete peace of mind and allow them to undertake security screening at the highest level.

The chances are that anyone who has bought a ticket from a UK ticket office has already experienced our high quality, customer friendly physical security solutions.

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