Safetell’s extensive range of solutions for the leisure and tourism sector helps facilitate safe and secure environments for concert goers, restaurant guests, gym members, sports fans and heritage visitors – as well as protecting the staff working in the sector in the UK from the risk of physical attack.

We install and maintain a wide range of security equipment to help protect staff and assets throughout the leisure sector. Our pay windows are used by some of the UK’s leading football clubs – and are also ideal for high traffic payment areas such as fast food restaurants, pubs and bars and leisure centres. These venues can also benefit from using our Cash Management products, such as BidiSafes and Cash Drawers, Flip-Top-Tills and Cash Scoops. Our cash management solutions all help ensure that staff can take payments quickly and securely, allowing visitors to make the most of their leisure experience.

From venue directors to contract security agents, meeting the needs of everyone involved in large events is an incredibly hard task. Safetell’s versatile approach to reducing risk and solving security problems allows us to provide the essentials you need, making your events safer – allowing the show to go on at the right time, every time.

In addition, our CCTV solution allows you to always have the final say on any incident in under your jurisdiction, as you can review any footage – allowing you to make informed decisions and potentially help the authorities as needed.

We provide end-to-end service from working with you from specification to installation and maintenance. Our approach is to secure you in a manner that suits your working practices. We want to create enduring partnerships, allowing for a consultative approach to protection as your needs change.

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