Fully Framed High Security Screen

  • Can be manufactured to include a very wide range of sizes, materials and finishes to obtain the required corporate appearance
  • Provides a high aesthetic quality
  • Large pane size capability
  • Nationwide installation
  • A complete secure-line solution
  • Centralised account management for standardised implementation
  • A bespoke design process that allows for the customer to specify their counter and glazing every step of the way
  • Manual attack screens can be retrofitted to existing counterwork
  • Easy and simple incorporation with products, such as Cash Scoops and Speech Transfer devices

Fully Framed High Security Screens create a secure area with a steel framed glazing system, designed to provide staff and counter areas with protection from physical or ballistic attack. The security glazing can be tailored to suit any premises in keeping with any corporate aesthetic.

Typical applications include banks, retail, NHS, local authorities, commercial buildings, government offices, cash offices or any application where there is a serious risk of firearm attack or robbery.

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Weight (kg)

Bespoke to project requirement


EN 356 P3A
BS 5357
BS 5051 G2/S86
EN 1522 up to FB6
EN 1063 up to BR6

Additional Information.

Glass Height: Manual Attack: Max 2000Bullet Resistant: Bespoke

Optional Features: Counterwork can be supplied as part of the solutionBallistic or manual attack protectionIntegral bullet resistant counter armour plating that is concealed and unobtrusiveScreens and counters are available in single, double and three tier versions for compliance with DDA regulations


Government offices
Cash offices
Local authorities
Commercial buildings
Any application where there is a serious risk of firearm attack or robbery


Service and Maintenance.

Tailored service & maintenance packages are available for all Safetell products