Full Height Turnstiles Steel Pane

  • Electronic system that allows you to change the configuration by setting in the programme menu
  • LED pictogram – visual information identifies unlocking or locking status of the device arms’ movement, green for unlocked and red for locked
  • Entry and exit control – the device’s mechanism is equipped with a system supporting pedestrian traffic control in both traffic directions
  • Backward motion locking – locking the backward motion disables the arms’ rotation in the direction opposite to the one defined by the external controlling device
  • Arm motion booster – the mechanism of the device is equipped with an electromechanical system supporting the rotary movement of the arms

Safetell’s Full Height Turnstiles are designed to assist pedestrian entrance control at both guarded and unmanned entrances. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Typically applications include points of ticket control and fees, sports facilities and time attendance control points in working places.

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Dimensions (mm)

H = 2508

W = 1502

D = 1490

Additional Information.

Optional Features: Available in different sizes and stylesOptional finishes include stainless steel, galvanised, RAL 9006, galvanised + RAL, RAL 7016, RAL5010, RAL 9005


Fair Areas
Show Facilities
Paid Toilets
Swimming Pools
Construction Sites


Service and Maintenance.

Tailored service & maintenance packages are available for all Safetell products