Fast Rising Security Screen

  • Enables open counter trading for unobstructed communication between staff and customers
  • Bullet resistant protection in a fraction of a second
  • Security at the touch of a button
  • Sizes and configuration designed to suit premises and business
  • Screen styles for standing or seated staff working
  • Optional counterwork design, access control system and CCTV
  • Whole system project management and implementation

Safetell Fast Rising Screens are concealed within the counterwork, facilitating easy communication between staff and customers and desirable open counter trading. In the event of an attack or attempted robbery the screen provides bullet resistant protection within half a second of activation and presents physical, visual and acoustic barriers to the aggressor. All screens within a premises are activated simultaneously to create a instant secure area.

Typical applications include banks, government, local authorities and petrol forecourts.

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Dimensions (mm)

H = 1100

W = 600 to 4200

D = Footprint:Dias 680 Low Dias 750Box 370Slim Box 285Partition 170

Weight (kg)

265 per m of width


Manufactured using certified armoured panels to EN 1522 FB4

Additional Information.

Electrical Power Requirement: All varients from the Fast Rising Sreen range, require on the secure side of the screen a single 13amp neon indicated unswitched fused spur on a dedicated circuit board, powering the Fast Rising Screen and “SureFire©” Control Panel.

Activators: Fast Ring Screens can be triggered with a number of different activation methods, (available as options) to allow the users to discreetly fire the screen.These include:Single Button (Signal input or screen activation)Dual Button (Single button for signal and, dual for activation Tri Button(Same as Dual, with third button for signal input)Note Clip (Activation upon removalof notes)Remote (Lanyard or belt clip mounting)Foot Kick ( Single or dual)I.R Beam (Single controller can link 1 or 2 beams)


Local authorities
Petrol forecourts


Service and Maintenance.

Tailored service & maintenance packages are available for all Safetell products