Fast Rising Screens


Instant protection in a fraction of a second. Fast Rising Screens are the smartest way of empowering your staff while protecting your assets.

Concealed within an open-counter trading-surface, Fast Rising Screens can be activated at the touch of a button, instantly deploying a large protective barrier from the counterwork. The Ballistic/Bullet Resistant and Manual Attack Resistant barrier cuts off the aggressors by immediately removing the audio and visual communication.

Incorporating specialist patented technology, Fast Rising Screens can be designed to fit the composition of any open-counter store or office and can be custom-fitted to a range of heights and widths. Fast Rising Screens are supplied with a discreet and secure electronic control panel to allow for management and control of the screen.

From activation to full barrier, the Fast Rising Screen takes ½ second to rise. Firing is incredibly simple, and can be performed in multitude of ways without obvious reaching positions or movement from activators; allowing staff to feel protected at all times.

Designed with a split transparent barrier on the public facing side to prevent customers from directly interacting with the Fast Rising Screen during or following the deployment of the bullet-resistant screen, to allow for maximum precaution for both staff and aggressors.

If multiple Fast Rising Screen counters are installed, a single activation can automatically raise the adjacent Screens while locking down the surrounding area.

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  • Open counter trading allows for a relaxed working environment
  • Clear communication between staff and customers with no need for Speech Transfer devices
  • Instant protection at the touch of a button
  • Subtle activation methods allowing for the Screen to be fired in a multitude of ways.


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