Eye-2-Eye – Moving Counter Module


For open and friendly trading, Eye-2-Eye – Moving Counter Module, is a multi-tiered counter that can electronically change its height to meet requirements of customers and staff. It is ideal as a Railway Counter Module in Transport Ticket Offices.

Maximise space and efficiency with Eye-2-Eye, a complete unit that allows for a range of DDA-Accessible counter heights at once. With a quick transition between different heights, Eye-2-Eye – Moving Counter Module, is a recommended addition to all counterwork set-ups with limited space.

Eye-2-Eye can be used as a Ticket Office Security Window for areas such as Railways, Transport Offices, Hospitals, among many others. It provides equality of access for all customers, as required by the disability discrimination act.

Featuring an array of DDA-Compliant features, including sculpted counter edges and cash scoop; induction loop with active speech transfer for Hearing Aids and contrasting colour schemes for the partially sighted.

Eye-2-Eye seamlessly conforms to the standard of consumer-facing operations while maintaining an important and recognisable identity for those in need. It can be customised to match a collection of different colour schemes, including corporate and business colours.

Eye-2-Eye can be developed to varying levels of reference. Both Manual Attack Resistance and Bullet Attack Resistance are available. To enhance security, an External Shutter and a Call-For-Assistance Button can also be installed.

Constructed as a single modular unit, Eye-2-Eye can be easily installed into prepared openings in a short time.

Several upgrades can be made to Eye-2-Eye, including Coin and Note Tray (with Removable Lid), Position-Closed Blinds, Chip & Pin CableWay and an Anti-Vandal Metal Shutter.


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  • All customers can be served from one universal service position, allowing for a quicker-moving queue to form ahead of one service desk.
  • Protection level to meet your specific needs – to help keep your staff at ease.
  • A recognisable design, meaning customers will feel at ease and know the correct counterwork to approach.
  • Adjustable height counter surface to help those with wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks, and other balance mobility problems.


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