• No need for two separate counters at different levels in a space restricted environment
  • Complying with the Equality Act 2010
  • Protects staff from manual and ballistic attack
  • Floor to ceiling counter assembly which can be positioned and secured flush over, or recessed into, an existing opening

Eye2Eye is a ticket office security window, a moving counter unit that allows for a range of Equality Act counter heights at once and allows staffs to raise or lower the counter as they wish. It is ideal for locations where only a single counter position is possible as its integral moving height counter allows all customers and wheelchair users to be served from a single service position.

Typical applications include ticket office security window for railways, offices and hospitals.

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Dimensions (mm)

H = 2150 or 2350

W = 1200

D = Counter: 975


BS EN 1063 BR4 and SG1
BS EN 356 P4A and P3A


Local authorities


Service and Maintenance.

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