Controlling access and protecting staff is highly important in the Education sector. Our Access Control solutions can improve the safety, security and monitoring of staff and students alike, while visitors can be managed effectively and high-value assets protected.

The range of products we supply to the Education sector is as diverse as the sector itself. We help to protect staff, students and assets in primary schools, secondary schools and academies – as well as further and higher education colleges and Universities.

Although the physical security needs of different educational environments may not be the same – what all education establishments have in common is the need to ensure the safety of staff and students and effectively manage visitor access, while protecting the educational estate and its high value assets.

Some clients use our products for cash handling purposes, such as in a busy college cafeteria; whereas for educational establishments the priority is ensuring the safety of pupils – through the use of products such as ID cards and keys, or even fire exit doors.

We offer a unique understanding of what education estate managers require – from impromptu parental access requirements, to lost key cards. We work with estate managers to devise security solutions that best meet each educational establishment and can also audit current education sites and advise where security can be further improved.

The safety and security of young people and staff is of paramount importance, and our extensive range of physical security products gives peace of mind to students, parents, staff and estate managers.

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