Counter Terror Solutions


We support leading government institutions and global organisations in ensuring their staff and operations are protected as the UK Terror Threat poses implications for organisations of all sizes both Internationally and in the UK.

The threat level has been listed as ‘Severe’ for some time now, causing the government to publish their Stay Safe campaign and ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ guidelines. Safetell can support this strategy with a range of solutions that can help reduce the risk posed to an organisation’s staff, infrastructure and brand. Safetell has found an increasing number of solutions are required by UK based companies for physical security solutions in the advent of the continuously escalating terror threat. From strong initial support and installation, the companies then swiftly see the benefits we can offer and proceed to have existing designs customised to suit field operations and media branches overseas.

Safetell can help create an environment that is built with government guidelines in mind but tailored to an organisation’s operational practices.

Our range of security solutions are robust, and our personalised approach allows for us to tailor our approach to your specific requirements. Our approach focuses on protecting your company now, to alleviate the higher cost and damage brought from attacks.

From specification to installation and support, we provide end-to-end service by working with you through every part of the security process.

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