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Defend and protect with CityWall – Bullet Resistant Walls, the leading asset and monetary protection solution. CityWall is the perfect modular partitioning safeguard for protecting large quantities of cash (ATM’s) and other products and assets in need of high security and can be retrofitted to secure existing walling as well as create modular enclosures. CityWall is offered in two variants, CityWall 100 and CityWall Plus.

Constructed from Zintec Steel, Steel Armour and Rockwool Insulation, CityWall is built with a flexible and modular design in mind. Models of CityWall can be fashioned to your custom specification and can function as both wall enhancement and complete enclosures.

Panel sizes of 1200mm, 900mm, 600mm and 300mm are standard with custom panel sizes available to suit room layout dimensions. During the manufacturing process, it is possible to specify apertures for ATM’s. If desired, we offer a model that is certified to European Standards.

CityWall can be finished in a multitude of ways, including untouched plain steel, brick slips or powder-coated to match corporate colours.

Site assembly and installation is very simple; allowing for relocation and easy expansion without any major building works or disruption to trade. No welding techniques required.

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  • CityWall can protect you from Manual Attacks, and has been tested to withstand standards to NF XP ENV1627 to L3 and L4 – covering powered and mechanical tools.
  • Ballistic Resistant and tested to FB4 of EN1522 and G2 / S86 – covering ballistic impact from handguns and shotguns.
  • 90 Minutes Fire Survival Time.
  • CityWall can be used in a variety of ways, including Banking, Cash Handling, Security and Military, Panic Rooms and Control Rooms.
  • Perfect as a secure wall enhancement and partitioning
  • Ideal for creating secure ATM enclosures


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