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 We have over 25 years of experience in supplying the banking and financial industry with a wide range of staff and asset protection products. Whether your operation features Machine Walling, Open or Closed Counter Trading; Safetell has a security solution designed to fit for you.

Safetell has experience working with hundreds of Head Offices and high street branches throughout the UK and internationally, and it is always our priority to find security solutions that work for your company.

Corporate Offices and Receptions are the gateway to your business, and therefore are incredibly valuable in creating a welcoming image and providing the right impression. Having a strong corporate identity is key to standing out in the modern workplace, and Safetell understands that the visual aesthetic of security is just as important as the functionality. We’re able to design our products so they fit seamlessly into your working environment.

In addition, High Street Banking has evolved and diversified. Traditionally, banks on the high street were primarily focused on customer-interaction and securing customers in a personal manner. However, now with the advent of mobile and online banking, the scope of high street banking has changed tremendously; and the security needs have changed along with it.

Traditional banking halls have been replaced by informal open plan spaces, and although these are undoubtedly more pleasant environments for customers and staff alike – they have presented fresh security challenges. Open plan counters mean staff are more vulnerable to attack and more than ever banks now need to protect against the threat of physical abuse, as well as armed robbery and even ballistic attack.

Our range of solutions help ensure cash can be kept secure in almost any circumstance and that banking areas can be locked down in the event of an emergency – protecting both assets and banking staff.

The way in which people bank is also changing and we now also provide physical security solutions for mobile banks and for external (sometimes temporary) locations – as well as full physical protection for ATMs.

From specification to installation and maintenance, at Safetell we provide end-to-end service by working with you through every part of the process. Our approach is to secure you in a manner that suits you best. We want to create enduring partnerships, allowing for a consultative approach to protection as your needs change.

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